Utah State to MWC

By: Ryan Hay – BobcatReport.com

In a dramatic development that could bring numerous changes in college realignment, sources tell BobcatReport.com Utah State will announce within fifteen days their acceptance of an offer to join the Mountain West Conference (MWC) in all sports.

Utah State set to join Boise State in the Mountain West Conference.

According to sources, the deal will bring a traveling partner for Boise State in all MWC sports which is something Boise State officials have been targeting.

“The news of Utah State leaving the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) will send shockwaves around college football, this will be one of many moves and it could affect Conference USA and the Southland Conference,” said the source.

“Utah State is targeting fifteen days from now so they can get through the WAC media day on July 27th without causing a big stir and have commissioner Karl Benson face the music at his own media day. Once USU officials arrive back from Las Vegas, they will use their target window to put the wheels in motion for an announcement,” said the source.

Who will be next? UTEP to MWC? La Tech to C-USA?

Stay tuned.

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